Game Cheat Sheet

I’ve compiled a game cheat sheet for those seeking simple tips to be more masculine when interacting with the opposite sex. Internalise the underlying ideas and they’ll come to you naturally.

You should also be implementing the concepts below in daily life and non-romantic interactions.

The tips below are generally universal, but won’t work if you’re morbidly obese or have the appearance of a homeless person. Start lifting, grooming yourself properly and dressing appropriately.

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How To Avoid A False Rape Allegation (UK)

The true extent of false rape allegations is unknown. Many accusations are not reported to the police, many do not go to court due to lack of evidence and many are withdrawn without judgment on whether they were deliberately fallacious.

But make no mistake – a false rape allegation can ruin your life and your family’s life. A few weeks ago a mother killed herself on the anniversary of her’s sons suicide after he was falsely accused of rape.

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