Racism is a Social Construct

There are those in the far-left extremist media who are pushing the idea that racism is objectively real.

The idea was originally started by a group of fringe academics to push their hateful ideology (who are now completely discredited by all right-minded people).

But the establishment have latched on to the idea and now propagandising the concept of racism being real to the unsuspecting masses.

The truth is, racism is not objectively real, it is a social construct.

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norwegian somali rape

Leftist Politician Raped by Somali Immigrant, Feels Guilty that Rapist was Deported

Karsten Nordal Hauken, a Norwegian politician and self-described socialist, feminist and anti-racist, was brutally raped by a Muslim Somali immigrant.

Instead of feeling a natural rage at the perpetrator, and at his government for letting the man into the country, he feels guilty that the rapist was deported at the end of his prison sentence.

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