Why Britain Voted Leave

The polls leading up to Thursday’s referendum were neck in neck. On the day, a You-Gov poll showed a decisive Remain victory. By the time the count started, Remain had begun to celebrate and Leave was already conceding defeat.

But as soon as results began to pour in it was clear that the support for Brexit was stronger than anyone expected.

At 51.9% to 48.1% Leave won the day. Why, against all odds, did Brexit prevail?

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George Soros Declares For Remain

The War for Western Civilisation has already begun.

The shadowy dark lord of the leftist-globalist axis has revealed himself. He commands a formidable force, led by David Cameron, Hilary Clinton, Big Business, Big Banking and the EU itself.

On the opposite side, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson prepare to mount offensives across the West in an attempt to break their lines.

The first engagement is about to begin – The Battle of Britain.

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How To Use a Tragic Killing For Political Gain

On Thursday, British Labour MP Jo Cox was brutally attacked in her constituency of Birstall, West Yorkshire. Tragically, she later died in hospital.

Despite calls on both sides to respect her memory and not politicise her death, these pleas were immediately ignored as Remain campaigners and the establishment saw an opportunity.

Here’s a step by step guide on how they are using her death to further their political agenda:

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