The Future of UKIP: Can’t Rebuttal the Nuttall?

After months of infighting and, frankly, embarrassment – UKIP have chosen their new leader. Paul Nuttall.

So where does this leave UKIP?

The latest immigration figures show – the Tories have absolutely no appetite to reduce immigration. David Cameron’s  goal of ‘tens of thousands’ has been repeated year after year and nothing has come of it.

Theresa May has attempted to blame our continued membership of the EU for the disastrous figures. However, more than half of the immigrants were from outside the EU (282,000) – we apparently have free movement of people not just with the EU, but with the entire planet. This nonchalant indifference from government is like groundhog day. Except one day we wake up and native British are a minority.

Here is the ticking time bomb for the UK:


The native British population increased by 1.81% in 10 years. The non-native population increased by around 67%. At this rate, in only several decades native white Brits will be a minority. Is there a more clear sign of our systematic disenfranchisement and displacement?

Other Native Europeans are feeling the same pain and are turning to right-wing anti-immigration populist parties. As Europe gets more diverse, with each group permitted their own political goals and identity, so too will whites naturally turn to voting for their own interests. It is an inevitable outcome of multiculturalism. The globalists have created this golem. It is time to use it to destroy them. This is the attitude UKIP must have.

As for Nuttall, he has a tough task ahead of him. But not impossible. The mission is simple. UKIP need to appeal to as many white voters as possible. Some middle and upper class white voters will naturally defect from the Tories as they fumble immigration. The Tories have sold us out and must be punished at the ballot. But the most important battle is for the white working class.

Labour are finished. They are the party of millennials and middle-class commies. Nuttal must capitalise on Labour’s failure. He must tap into the existential angst the white working class feel as their way of life is eradicated through mass immigration and globalisation.

The NHS needs to be privatised or immigration needs to cease. Those are the two options. Nuttall has wisely chosen the latter. Ideologically, Nuttall is a free market guy. But as I’ve said, this philosophy is outdated. I think he knows this. By embracing the NHS Nuttall will attempt to bridge the gap between the old libertarian UKIP and the new pro-white-working-class UKIP. If you’re mad at Nuttall for doing a u-turn on the NHS – get a grip. The future of Britain is at stake. Victory by any means necessary.

Personally, I find him lacking in charisma. Last time I saw him on Question Time he seemed flustered by the predictable cries of racism and xenophobia hurled at him. We need someone with an indefatigable personality, a iron frame to effortlessly beat off accusations the establishment will surely make. Perhaps he can become the battle-hardened warrior we need.

Nuttall needs to go on a relentless blitzkrieg against the Tories on their handling of immigration. This needs to be top bill for everything UKIP does. Never mind holding their feet to the fire – he needs to burn the Tories to the ground. We need a sort of a Trumpian civil war where the cucks are outed and lambasted for their betrayal of the British people.

Best case scenario, UKIP get into Parliament and we can work from there. Worst case, Tories are actually forced to tackle the immigration problem head on instead of issuing bogus platitudes.

God speed, kippers.

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