Racism is a Social Construct

There are those in the far-left extremist media who are pushing the idea that racism is objectively real.

The idea was originally started by a group of fringe academics to push their hateful ideology (who are now completely discredited by all right-minded people).

But the establishment have latched on to the idea and now propagandising the concept of racism being real to the unsuspecting masses.

The truth is, racism is not objectively real, it is a social construct.

Racism is a Social Construct

Despite the unified front put on by the propagrandising powers, they cannot agree on a concrete definition of racism.

The basic definition is:

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

This can be simply explained by the psychological phenomena of ingroup preference. This doesn’t mean that the vast majority of the human species have some sort of mental illness. To make such an argument vilifies so many people!

To navigate around the assumption that every group of humans on the planet is racist, they have utilised pseudo-scientific quackery to define racism as a power relationship:

A black person may be disdainful of, prejudiced against, dislike a white person, or all whites, but a black person or group cannot be racist. Racism demands a superior-inferior power relationship.

What if a white man goes to Africa and is beaten by the locals for the colour of his skin? Or if a white woman goes to Arabia and is gang-raped because she is perceived as a slut for the colour of her skin? Surely that must be racist? Or do these extremists believe that non-whites have ‘inferior power’ even in their homelands where they are the majority? Sounds pretty racist to me.

Regardless of definition, these ideologues agree on one thing – racism is a supreme evil and must be vanquished from Western society for the greater good. It is a crime of thought so horrid that bureaucrats would rather let 1400 children suffer rape and torture than be labelled racist.

For example, if I was to state that I would only ever have children with a white woman because I would like my children to look like me, I would be persecuted as a thought criminal.

If I was public figure and stated the above, my career would be over faster than the SPLC could write an article on me.

Even criticising a political-religious ideology is now racist – even though its adherents include ginger Europeans. Are these people trying to say gingers are non-white?

These extremists are even projecting their hateful propaganda on children:

 “The rise in acts of hate by children is truly shocking.” – Former shadow police minister Jack Dromey

And on innocent weather systems:


Japan is racially, ethnically and culturally homogeneous.

Japan was a colonial power, and as a colonial power committed many atrocities against non-Japanese peoples.

In Japan, as a gaijin, many jobs would be unavailable to me. I would not be received in some social and cultural circles because I am not Japanese. Many women would refuse to date me because I am not Japanese.

This is true whether you are European, African, Arab or any other non-Japanese ethnicity.

There is no resistance to this, either from inside Japan or from outside. It is simply the way of life in Japan.

The Japanese have power and privilege in their homeland. This is evident to any outsider who visits Japan.

So why aren’t there thousands of protesters on the streets of Tokyo demanding an end to systematic and institutionalised ‘racism’? Why aren’t the huge global thinktanks and task forces deployed to end this way of Japanese life?

Because ‘racism’  only exists in Western countries. Nowhere else on the planet do people have such a fixation with combating ingroup preference.

If I go to Africa and get called a ‘white devil’, no one will care. No one cares if Arabs or Chinese have a general negative opinion of blacks. And rightly so, it is their right to be distrustful of foreigners if they so please.


Israel is unique in the current year as a recently founded ethno-religious state. In order to gain citizenship to Israel, you must practice Judaism and be ethnically Jewish.

Now, there are many who loathe Israel due to the ongoing conflict over land occupied by Palestinians.

But the general consensus among the established Western powers is that Israel should and must exist in its current form – as an ethno-nationalist state. This is not seen as ‘racist’, even though by every mainstream definition, it certainly is.

If a British politician were to say that they believed only white Christians should be permitted to entry to Britain, they would most certainly face death threats and possibly violence.

There are many Zionists who vigorously campaign for multiculturalism and diversity in Western nations, but who defend Israel’s right to exist as Jewish-only state.


To those pushing this dangerous idea that racism is real and we can all just ‘get along’ if white people lose their natural inhibitions (which every other group on the planet is encouraged to retain), we are simply a few steps away from utopia.

They are ignorant of history and reality.

Many great civilisations in history have collapsed under the burden of multiculturalism, including the Roman Empire. Either by internal strife or external invasion, many have collapsed and devolved. The West could suffer the same fate. The West is not invincible.

To treat racism as real will lead to devastating ethnic conflict.

For the establishment elite to treat every individual on the planet is fundamentally equal in every way and capable of living in harmony, and to ignore the native citizens ingroup preference, they are setting course for civil war.

Some of the most devastating ethnic conflicts in world history have come about due to attempts from different ethnic groups with conflicting interests attempting to use the state apparatus to the detriment of the other group.

For example, the Judeo-Bolshevik revolutions in Germany and Russia, the Yugoslav Wars and the Rwandan genocide.

There is cold, hard evidence that diversity with proximity produces conflict.


How can racism be real if every group of people on the planet proudly display their preference for their own kind?

How can the concept of ‘racism’ be objectively evaluated if it is only applicable in certain parts of the world and when constituted by certain races?

How can racism exist only in the West but not in Africa or Asian or the Middle East?

How can racism be real when non-whites cannot be racist?

How can children be guilty of racism? And hurricanes?

Racism is a social construct.

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