Game Cheat Sheet

I’ve compiled a game cheat sheet for those seeking simple tips to be more masculine when interacting with the opposite sex. Internalise the underlying ideas and they’ll come to you naturally.

You should also be implementing the concepts below in daily life and non-romantic interactions.

The tips below are generally universal, but won’t work if you’re morbidly obese or have the appearance of a homeless person. Start lifting, grooming yourself properly and dressing appropriately.

The Body Language

  • Move slowly, head up, chest up. Take up space.
  • Don’t move out of the way for others. Let them move around you.
  • No fast movements. It makes you look on edge.
  • Don’t fidget, tap your leg or have your hands in your pockets. Have your arms naturally at your side.
  • Don’t look down when walking. It gives off submissive vibe. Look straight ahead or up.
  • When making eye contact with anyone, don’t break first. Treat it like a test of your resolve.
  • Always stand up straight, no hunching or leaning on things.
  • When sitting – manspread, lean back, take up space. For the love of God, never cross your legs at the thigh.
  • Limit your hand gestures. Use them sparingly and slowly.
  • Speak slowly and confidently; keep your voice deep. Avoid ‘um-ing’, ‘ah-ing’, using filler words such as ‘like’, ‘you know’, ‘literally’ etc. Basically don’t talk like a 14 year girl or a gay man.

The Bar

  • Hold your drink low, around your waist. Holding your drink high looks defensive.
  • If you’re actively looking for women – be active. Don’t be in the corner of the bar out of the way. Stand in thoroughfare close to where people walk past. Near the toilets also works.
  • Start early, talk to as many girls as possible. Give yourself options. You can always reapproach later.
  • Don’t be one of these guys who needs X amount of drinks to talk to women. Yes, the drunker you are the less anxiety you’ll have – but it’s just a crutch. Limit your consumption – the sex will be better as will your ability to connect with the girl.

The Girl

  • If you get an IOI (a submissive look, a smile etc) move in immediately.
  • Don’t overthink the opener. A firm ‘hey’ will suffice. You’ll be leading the conversation anyway.
  • Knock her down a peg early on. This will prevent you from appearing supplicating.
  • Simple teasing will usually suffice, but sometimes full blown mocking will be required if she’s up her own ass.
  • Easy way to do this is ask her where she’s from. Whatever she says, look repulsed and move away. She’s now chasing you.
  • Practice intense eye contact. Maintain eye contact to build tension.
  • Don’t laugh. At your own jokes or hers. A wry smile will do.
  • Outcome independence, or IDGAF is the mindset you need to have. The minute you start to appear needy she will dry up.
  • You want to keep yourself shrouded in mystery. Easiest way to do this is to never give a straight answer to any of her questions. Misdirect, defy expectations. Example: if you’re wearing a nice suit and watch, and she asks you ‘what do you do?’, say ‘I’m unemployed’.
  • You want to plant the image of you and her together in her head. Like Inception. Easiest way to do with is use ‘we’ and ‘us’.
  • Simplest way to deal with shit tests (her teasing you, shooting you down, trying to get a reaction of you – i.e. judging your fitness) is to agree and amplify. Take it to the absurd.
  • Don’t ask her permission for anything – ever. Be bold, lead her, order her around. If you’re giving orders with confidence and congruence she will obey.
  • When she’s speaking, don’t lean into her. If you can’t hear her, tell her to move closer because you can’t hear her. Or better yet, pull her towards you.
  • You can start kino by simply invading her space. Use proximity to build tension.
  • Isolate her, move her to different area of the venue or to a new venue.
  • When you make your move to bring her home, this is when Anti-Slut Defence (ASD) normally appears. You want to give her plausible deniability. “Just one drink then I’m kicking you out because I gotta get up early” will usually suffice.
  • Back home when you’re ramping up the kino, ASD will normally appear again (major red-flag if it doesn’t). Simply ignore it, take a break and try again.
  • If the ASD is strong, don’t lose your cool or start to beg. This will backfire spectacularly. Keep calm and keep trying. It can take a while. If you’re sure you’re not getting anywhere, call it off. If you like her, take her number to set up a date another time.

The Miscellaneous

  • Don’t text or Tinder prospective women on a Friday or Saturday night. Make her think you’re up to no good.
  • Keep text interaction to a minimum. Try to only use if for logistics.
  • Don’t reply right away or sit by your phone awaiting her reply. If you’re leading a busy, fulfilling life this will be natural anyway.
  • Always be involved with multiple women – it gives you an abundance mentality that will cascade into supreme confidence and outcome independence.


I’ll keep this list updated. Leave a comment if you’ve anything to add – or even if you disagree with anything posted above.




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