Top 8 Predictions for the Future

With the shock Brexit result and the current state of the US Presidential Election, we’re about to see some major changes throughout the Western world. Here are my Top 8 Predictions for the Future.

1. Donald Trump will be the next President of United States


I called Trump winning the nomination and the presidency back in November. I remember telling my friends my predictions back then to looks of bafflement and incredulity.

I cannot wait to see the long list of paid analysts, establishment leaders, pollsters, and crybabies who claimed Trump had zero chance of winning.

The will be exposed as the out of touch, bubble-living, narrative spinning mongoloids they truly are.

With Dying Hillary close to shedding her mortal coil and Trump surging in the polls, a Trumpslide is almost certainly assured.

2. Labour will not recover from its current leadership crisis


It’s been comedy to watch the current crisis in the Labour Party. In the war between the ‘moderate’ (only in 2016) Blairites and the far-left Corbynites, both are losers.

Especially amusing has been watching Labour darlings, such as the disgusting elitist Nick Cohen and the fantasy world residing Owen Jones, squirm and writhe at the state of their party.

The main issue for the Labour Party (apart from losing Scotland) is that the majority of the British public has never been in favour of mass immigration. Both potential leaders are pro-immigration. See the problem?

In fact, despite winning the popular vote in two huge landslides, Tony Blair and his cronies almost immediately set out to betray the British electorate by ushering in the current wave of mass migration.

As long as the Labour Party continues to put the needs of third worlders before the British working class, they will not win an election again.

3. We could see a tectonic shift in British Party Politics


The natural outcome of Labour’s failure will be its dissolution. The Conservatives could suffer the same fate, should they not successfully take us out of the EU, end free movement and reduce immigration as per their pre-election manifesto.

We could see the formation of two new parties. One an anti-immigration, paeleoconservative and nationalist party, the other a pro-immigration, socialist, authoritarian and minority backed party.

As the threat of from Islam in Europe increases, exacerbated by demographic shifts, those in the centre who favour immigration, the standard Cuckservative or Blairite will have to make a choice on where they stand.

4. ISIS will be defeated militarily, but not ideologically


ISIS is rapidly losing territory, and President Trump promises its swift demise.

But Islamism will not be defeated. We tried forcing Western liberal values of democracy on them in Iraq and Afghanistan and it failed. They took matters into their own hands with the Arab Spring and it failed.

In fact these two disasters only hastened the spread of Islamism. It has now become abundantly clear that the authoritarianism of Gaddafi, Assad, Saddam etc was the very thing stopping the fuse on the Middle East’s explosive vest.

Muslims who live in secular liberal democracies still turn to Jihad. In fact, second and third generation Muslims are more likely to go Allahu-Akbaring than first generation. The situation will only get worse as their population booms.

Our current leaders cannot find a solution to halt Islamism in our own countries never mind abroad.

Welfare doesn’t defeat Islamism. Neither does tolerance and solidarity. Sending Islamists to prison only helps spread Jihad. The only solutions seem to be a complete ban on Muslim immigration and repatriation for extremists.

Harsh? Then I challenge anyone to come up with a solution that will work. We’ve already tried the liberal hippy peace and love tactics. They’ve failed. We’ve been the most generous and tolerant society in the history of mankind and that has only emboldened our enemies.

5. The Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Europe


As the migrant crisis deepens and establishment leaders refuse to tackle the issue, I can envisage no scenario where right-wing populist parties will fail to gain traction.

I expect to see heavy damages inflicted upon the established parties by the likes of AfD, Front National and Swedish Democrats.

This cannot be stopped unless the establishment addresses the concerns of the people.

6. Dissolution of the European Union


With the rise of right wing populism comes anti-EU sentiment. The EU has been exposed as a purely a political racket with the facade of economic cooperation dropped long ago.

The people of Europe will realise that while they subscribe to free movement their nation is at risk. If Germany grants its millions of migrants citizenship, then they have the right to go to any country in EU.

The power hungry globalists in the EU are unlikely to cede any of their powers. The only option is popular revolt.

7. Spread of Virtual Reality Porn


If you think we’ve reached peak porn – think again. Virtual reality devices are now widely available. You can now sit in your room and have pornstars bounce on your dick in virtual reality.

It’s already been shown that pornography tricks the brain into believing you’re a sex god – which releases dopamine and in turn creates a porn addiction. This effect will be amplified by the realistic VR.

This will have two effects. Firstly, the current generation of young men who have checked out of the real world of chasing women will have even less reason to get into the game. In fact, more will join their ranks.

Why put in all the hard work and effort it requires to attract the opposite sex when you can have the hottest women on the planet suck you off in virtual reality?

Secondly, VR could cause a shift in the sexual marketplace. With more men leaving the game altogether, those who are left and have their shit together will have an increased number of options.

This could, in theory, force women to up their game – be more feminine, be less obese, be less bitchy, be less slutty – as competition increases.

Good news for the men left standing. But…

8. Native Western populations will continue to decline


The porn epidemic, feminism and the destruction of marriage have had staggering dysgenic effects on native Western populations.

Children do best in stable marriages. But the divorce rate for many European countries is at or above 50% and the overall rate of marriage is in terminal decline.

Even if there were institutional changes – such as divorce law reformation or the abolition of the welfare state, which would promote the traditional family structure, it still would not address the underlying cultural issues.

Women are told from an early age that rearing children is debasing, that it should be beneath them.

Or they are told they can ‘have it all’, an illustrious career just like a man and shoehorn a family around it later in life.

Both these things are demonstrably untrue and damaging to Western civilisation.

This is the culture war that mainstream conservatism has continuously lost over the past 50 years. We will not capitulate so easily.

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