norwegian somali rape

Leftist Politician Raped by Somali Immigrant, Feels Guilty that Rapist was Deported

Karsten Nordal Hauken, a Norwegian politician and self-described socialist, feminist and anti-racist, was brutally raped by a Muslim Somali immigrant.

Instead of feeling a natural rage at the perpetrator, and at his government for letting the man into the country, he feels guilty that the rapist was deported at the end of his prison sentence.


This is end result of state-sponsored feminism pushing for the destruction of traditional masculinity.

This former man cannot even stand up for himself, never mind for his country, his women or his people.

It doesn’t bother him that, for example, the figures from neighbouring Denmark show that Muslim Somalis are 1000% more likely to commit crimes than native Danes.

No, the oppression that the rapist suffered in his homeland compelled him to force his dick into this guy’s mouth.

There are millions of eyes peering into Europe. They want in. They want our prosperity, our state handouts, our slutty women. They look atop our walls for defenders. They spy Mr. Hauken. Unkempt, overweight, riddled with white guilt and tolerance; defeated. They see it in his eyes, he will not fight. Europe is ripe for the taking.

The ‘socialist paradise’ of Scandinavia, held up as a beacon by Leftists all over the world, is crumbling down in an orgy of violence, rape and cultural destruction.

Until men like Karsten Nordal Hauken wake up and see reality, Europe is lost.


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