How To Avoid A False Rape Allegation (UK)

The true extent of false rape allegations is unknown. Many accusations are not reported to the police, many do not go to court due to lack of evidence and many are withdrawn without judgment on whether they were deliberately fallacious.

But make no mistake – a false rape allegation can ruin your life and your family’s life. A few weeks ago a mother killed herself on the anniversary of her’s sons suicide after he was falsely accused of rape.

Binge drinking is part of British culture. Like it or not, hitting the town at the weekend is one of the easiest and most surefire ways to get laid in Britain.

The problem is that girls nowadays like to get shitfaced. Almost every false rape allegation you read about involves alcohol.

This guide will explain the laws of rape and give you practical advice on how to avoid a false rape accusation when picking up women on a night out.

The Laws on Rape

In British law, rape is defined by the Sexual Offences Act 2003:


(1) A person (A) commits an offence if—

(a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis,

(b) B does not consent to the penetration, and

(c) A does not reasonably believe that B consents.

The consent is at the time of the penetration – not before or after.

Consent cannot be withdrawn after the act, as many feminists and false accusers would have you believe.

The false accuser must prove that she did not consent. This is very difficult since it’s your account versus hers. So the CPS and the jury will look at all the evidence leading up to and after the sexual encounter to determine if she really did not consent.

“Drunken consent is still consent” – R v Bree [2007]

This is the law as it stands. No matter how drunk she is, as long as she is capable of making the choice at the time (it doesn’t matter if she wouldn’t sleep with you when sober), she can still consent to sex.

Except, if she is asleep, unconscious, or has had her drink spiked. In that case the burden of proof is reversed. It is then up to you to prove that she consented, as it is presumed she was incapable.

How To Avoid A False Rape Allegation (UK)

Get Circumstantial Evidence of Consent

If she wants to take a selfie with you, go for it.

CCTV Cameras are everywhere in Britain. As you walk her home – stop and kiss. Hold her hand, swirl her around, make her laugh. All the usual shit.

If you’re caught on CCTV goosestepping home and dragging her behind you, that’s not going to look well.

After sex, get her phone number. Get her to add you on Facebook if you have it.

Strike up a conversation the next day, tell her you had a fun.

Even if the sex wasn’t that great, girls don’t want to think that they’ve just been used, so they’ll most likely respond positively to a text the next day.

A friend of mine was falsely accused of sexual assault. I was at the bar with him when he met the girl. I had to give a statement in the police station the next day. Among other things, the girl had keyed her number into his phone. After two months of hell for him, the charges were dropped.

Go To Her Place

This has two benefits.

Firstly, by inviting you back to her place it gives a strong indication that any sex that followed would be consensual.

Secondly, if you’re only on first name terms and you never see her again – it makes it very difficult for her to find you if she decides to withdraw consent weeks or even months after the act took place.

Avoid Sex with Drunk Girls

Drunken consent is still consent, but it is very messy area.

Even though she consented while drunk, the fact that she was drunk could lead her to regret her decision and make a false accusation.

Also, if you read high-profile rape cases, like Ched Evans, you’ll notice how the prosecution presented evidence that the victim was seen stumbling and falling around. If she can’t control her body, there’s a good chance she can’t control her brain.

Like I said above, if you’re taking a girl home and she’s falling around all over the place – cut your losses, call her a taxi or leave her back with her friends. Even though she could still be lucid, don’t risk it.

If you get back home and she somehow becomes more drunk or sleepy – again, cut your losses and call her a taxi.

If she’s so drunk she’s at risk of drifting in and out of consciousness when having sex, it will be on you to prove that she consented. This is not a position you want to find yourself in.

The same applies if she’s had her drink spiked by someone else.

Set Up A Camera (Not In Your Room)

Unlike our US brothers, we cannot record our sexual encounters in our bedrooms.

Yes, recording a sexual encounter will make a false rape accusation disappear. But you could also be charged with voyeurism – which will land you on the Sex Offender’s Register.

You could set up a camera in your living room or outside the door to your bedroom.

There’s almost zero chance a false rape allegation will stick if you’ve been filmed kissing and touching each other right before the sexual encounter took place.

Your camera could even catch you kissing her goodbye the following morning.


If you avoid sleeping with drunk girls you’re very unlikely to have any false accusations flung at you.

But with our nightlife being what it is, there are plenty of times where sex with a drunk woman is on the table. In that case, keep in mind the tips above and have fun.



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