fake mens site joe.co.uk

Why You Should Avoid Fake Men’s Sites like JOE.co.uk

JOE.co.uk is a new male-focused website self described as the ‘Voice of British Men’ with the aim of ‘giving men something better than what we’ve been used to over the past few years of online publishing.’

Sounds good right? A new website for British men, discussing men’s issues and helping men become the best versions of themselves.

Wrong. This site is a fake. The writers have no idea what they’re doing and should not be giving advice to young men.

What makes a man?

Body and mind.


Physical strength. Visible muscles. Low body fat. This is the masculine look. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise does not live in reality.

When women say ‘I hate muscular shirtless pictures on Tinder’ – what they really mean is they hate how it makes them feel. They feel a stirring in their nether regions. They feel enslaved to their merciless biology.

JOE.co.uk has an active fitness section. The guy who runs it is in good shape and clearly knows what he’s doing. But he’s the only one.

There is no imperative behind the fitness section. It’s awash with clickbait about celebrity diets and feel-good transformations. There is no drive here to get men fit and strong. There is no concerted effort to improve the lot of men by re-asserting the absolute necessity of physical strength.

Maybe that’s because none of the other writers are in good physical shape. The fitness section just exists to serve the overall interest of the entire site – to generate money through clicks. Do you really want to take advice from a bunch of guys who don’t even lift?

The average Joe (pun intended), slightly overweight, weak, and lacking in confidence won’t have that primal urge to get strong ignited by reading through that garbage. Many men need to have it spelled out for them. Are you the strongest you can be? No? Then you’re not the best man you can be.

I know this because for most of my adult life I was overweight and weak. I also had a heart condition and was told by my doctor said I should avoid even moderate exercise. Fast forward to now, I’ve had surgery to fix my problem and am in the best shape of my life. I remember after I started when a hot co-worker said to me, out of the blue, ‘wow, your shoulders look massive now.’ For someone who had been embarrassed by their body for most of their life, this was a great feeling.

Lifting heavy weights teaches discipline, improves mood, fights off depression and increases testosterone. It will give you a surge of confidence you never thought possible. People treat you better. Women want to fuck you just from looking at you. Lifting is part of becoming the best version of yourself and an absolute necessity.


Building a strong body will improve your mind. But you also need to have the right mindset to start with.

This is where JOE.co.uk is really letting men down.

Most of the site is concerned about frivolities like sport, movies, TV and ‘pop culture’. Sure, everyone has their hobbies or distractions. But that’s what they are – distractions.

Would a site dedicated to improving the lives of men have the majority of their content dedicated to useless bullshit? Or does this sort of content generate £££?

I think the staff at JOE.co.uk realised at some point that they were actually doing fuck all to help men, so decided to write a bunch of articles for Mental Health Awareness Week.

This collection of articles, while well meaning are totally hopeless. Their advice if you feel depressed – open up to people and phone a mental health hotline if things get really bad.

I’ve had depression and anxiety in the past. This all changed once I changed my mindset. Ever since I took the red pill and decided to become the best man I could possibly be, I have not felt a single instance of anxiety or depression.

JOE.co.uk doesn’t attempt to answer the real question – why are so many men depressed? Is there something in modern society which is making us this way? Is there a correlation between the decline of masculinity and the rise of mental health disorders?

Yes. I now realise my lack of masculinity was causing my depression and anxiety.

I was in my mid-twenties, was overweight, weak, lacked ambition and didn’t have much success with girls. I just wanted to be comfortable – lie about all day, smoke weed, jerk off (JOE.co.uk recommends jerking it no more than 3 times a day when depressed), eat junk food, watch TV and play video games. Yep, I really liked those distractions mentioned above.

A common theme in my behaviour was lack of responsibility for my actions and my mind. That is unmasculine. At its core masculinity is taking responsibility for your own body and mind – only you can shape your experience and existence.

There is no helpline, no doctor, no wife, no girlfriend, no mother, no father, no government programme which is responsible for your life – just you.

Men shape the world, and they start with themselves.

Many people will have you believe your mind is some abstract entity which controls you and forces mental states upon you, such as depression and anxiety. The opposite is true.

Your mind is something you can train, just like your body. And it is imperative that you do so if you want to regain your masculinity.

Once I stopped abusing my mind with weed, porn, alcohol and worst of all – negative thoughts – I felt like a new man. I used meditation and other cognitive techniques to control my thought processes.

I gave myself a mission in life – to become a free man. Men aren’t meant to be slaves. I want to be financially independent by my mid-thirties. I started two new business ventures. I work on those in my spare time instead of jerking off and getting high.

I became bolder. I became more decisive. I changed my posture. I became less reactive to my environment. I became like a rock. My mind became my mental fortress. My work life and sex life improved dramatically.

There is not one article on JOE.co.uk discussing anything like what I have done above. Nothing on mindset. Or on tenets of masculinity. They are content to let men suffer with mental health issues because they themselves are blind to the problem.

That is why they cannot offer solutions, because they don’t know any. The only thing you get is ‘don’t give up’ and ‘call a hotline if you feel really bad’.

The Politics of JOE.co.uk

“As a predominately male team the greatest thing we can do for feminism is set up a site to better young men” – Will Hayward, CEO Joe Media

And there you have it. Straight from the CEO’s mouth. JOE.co.uk is a male feminist website, owned by male feminists and written by male feminists.

Is it any wonder they cannot recognise a lack of masculinity causing issues for men?

I have no doubt the term ‘toxic masculinity’ has been used unironically in the JOE.co.uk staff room.

The audience will be ‘educated’ (read: brainwashed) by feminist commentary! I thought that’s what university was for?

Feminism is a cancer crippling the West. Women are unhappier now than they have ever been, despite 50 years of feminism pervading Western media, politics and academia. Feminist isn’t about equality. We have that – and have had it for some time. It is illegal in the UK to discriminate against anyone because of their gender.

Feminism is concerned with destroying masculinity and femininity in equal measure. Today Western women are sluttier, more aggressive, louder and fatter than they’ve ever been. Western men are lazier, fatter, weaker, more meek and timid. This has caused many problems for the West, the most salient being plummeting birth rates.

By their advocacy for feminism it should be no surprise that political commentary on JOE.co.uk has a leftist bent.

The Left has been at war with men for decades. Wolf whistling is now considered a hate incident. We are told that straight white men are the cause of every evil in the world. We are told that all men are rapists. Men get buggered by divorce courts. Men do the shitty menial jobs no women want and die in wars. Men kill themselves at much higher rates and are much more likely to die in workplace accidents. Men are more likely to be victims of violence.

Will we see commentary from JOE.co.uk on the above men’s issues? I sincerely doubt it. Instead check out ‘THIS IS WHAT ETHICAL PORN LOOKS LIKE – AND WHY YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING IT’.

Their politics section mostly consists of articles bashing Donald Trump. The most high profile Alpha Male in the world today, a man of great success with money and with women, a man who should be held up as a role model for young men – is attacked in articles parroting the cuckolded American media.

Meanwhile, a corrupt, immoral and mentally deranged woman is attempting to use her vagina as ticket to the White House, bashing men along the way, and the writers at JOE.co.uk don’t have a single word to say on the matter.

Speaking of vaginas, JOE.co.uk Staff Writer, Kevin Beirne, has an article about how he sucks with women and what life is like as a beta orbiter. He also has an article on his personal blog decrying ‘rape culture’. Complete with trigger warnings. And this is one of the main writers seeking to give men advice? You couldn’t make this up.

Like all Lefties they love diversity, just not intellectual diversity. How many JOE.co.uk writers are conservatives? I don’t even mean real conservatives, like UKIPers, I mean even Tories. I’m guessing zero.

Why JOE Will Fail

Even a cursory look at JOE.co.uk will show you it is mostly a clickbait cash grab. This, coupled with the lack of meaningful content basically puts it in the same market as Buzzfeed, Salon, VICE etc.

It’s a left-wing clickbait site written by self-admitted feminists with no useful content – so the only difference is that its ‘marketed’ to men.

Well, the clickbait bubble is about to burst. Buzzfeed has slashed its 2016 forecast, Salon and VICE are laying off staff and even The Guardian has resorted to e-begging.

Men are sick of these types of sites. That is why their readership is tanking.

Meanwhile, readership of real men’s sites – dedicated to helping men get out of their feminist induced comas – is growing exponentially. I’m glad to be a part of it.




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