black lives matter comes to uk

Black Lives Matter Comes to the UK

Businesses looted, buildings on fire. Police officers lured to ambushes and shot. Anti-white sentiment rampant on social media. Just some of what we may have to look forward to. For Black Lives Matter comes to the UK.

black lives matter comes to uk
The Anti-White Sentiment Black Lives Matter Has Drummed Up in America

Black Lives Matter UK

We’ve already had a taste of a proto-Black Lives Matter ‘protest’ in the UK – the 2011 London Riots.

Mark Duggan, a gangster and drug dealer, was shot and killed by police in August 2011. A jury later found the police had acted lawfully.

In a pattern similar to protests-turned-riots by Black Lives Matter in the US, thousands took to the streets of London for an orgy of looting, arson and violence, causing £200 million of damage and five deaths.

The same thing is happening in the US. Now, as I write this, Milwaukee is being burnt to the ground because the police shot and killed a criminal with a stolen car and stolen gun.

“[T]here is a war going on against black people” – Natalie Jeffers, Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter UK

Black Lives Matter UK makes two assertions to legitimise its existence.

The first is that black and other ethnic minorities are ‘targeted’ more often by the police and are more likely to die by the police.

The second is that the above is caused by institutionalised racism in the UK.

Police Brutality Against Black and Ethnic Mintories

Black and ethnic minorities (BAME) represent 14% of the UK population. Below are the shocking figures which illuminate the real scale of the policy brutality against BAME.

black lives matter comes to the uk

So 14% of the population represents 16% of policed related deaths. Does that seem like a ‘war going on against black people?’

‘But BAME are twice as likely to get shot by police than white people! That must surely be a sign of institutionalised racism.’

Except, if you take London as an example, blacks alone are responsible for 67% of gun crime. So BAME are actually under-represented in the above figures.

If we look at a single year, BAME arrests accounted for 18.6%, versus 14% of the general population and 16% of police related deaths. Is this statistically significant evidence of racial oppression?


But what of the black figure alone? Blacks represent about 3.5% of the general population but were arrested at a rate of 8.3% in the figures above.

Black Lives Matter UK and their Leftist allies want to paint a picture of white police officers roaming around black areas looking for unsuspecting black men to scoop up and arrest for no reason.

That’s not how reality works.

Nevermind that the Chief Inspector, Ade Adelekan, at the time of Mark Duggan’s death is black (and was heckled by protesters calling him ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘coconut’), the fact is that police respond to emergency calls.

Black people call the police because other black people in black areas commit crime and they want the police to help them. The police would rather the crime rate be lower, but crime is high in these areas and the residents want help from the police.

It’s the same in the US. Most of police shootings occur in black areas when black people want the police to stop the crime.

Black Lives Matter UK have it arse about face. They think blacks are over-represented in arrest stats because of a white supremacist conspiracy by the police to persecute black people. They won’t even consider the logical conclusion that the stats simply ‘are’ – that black people commit more crime and are therefore arrested more.

I agree with the only sensible thing Black Lives Matter UK advocates. Deaths by police should be investigated fully and any criminal wrongdoing should be prosecuted.

But where does race come into it? Why does there need to be a Cultural Marxist class struggle pitting black against white?

Britain’s Racist History

Racism is is effectively illegal in the UK. Racist speech and racist writing will land you in prison. It is illegal to discriminate against people based on their race – whether for employment, contractual dealings or any other matter.

In the UK we have sacrificed the basic freedoms of speech, association and contract to make any type of racism illegal – and yet we are to believe that racism is ‘institutionalised’ and ‘systematic’.

We have spent billions on socialised health care, state schools, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, child benefits – all of which are accessible to any person of any race.

How much more do we have to spend before Leftists will realise lack of government spending is not the issue?

It’s easier just to blame white people than to take a serious, objective look at their own communities and ask why crime is rampant. Of course, the Leftist media establishment indulge and give full coverage to this white oppression narrative.

Unlike the US, we do not have the monstrosity that was slavery looming over our politics. In fact, quite the opposite.

Slavery has never been legal in Britain. The British played the lead role in abolishing slavery.

William Wilberforce, a British hero, lead the charge to abolish the slave trade in the West. The British spent public money to use our navy to intercept and disrupt the African slave trade.

We should be proud of the role Britain played in  abolishing slavery. Except now we have to suffer articles such as this:

black lives matter uk

I’m looking forward to Aliyah Hasinah’s next article explaining why there so few black people in the Arab world.

Despite enslaving millions more Africans for a longer period of time – there are few Africans in the Arab world. That’s because male slaves were castrated so they could not reproduce. A practice which is still in occurrence today.

So Britain played the leading role abolishing slavery in the West and blacks came to the UK voluntarily. Meanwhile, the distant relatives of these whinging Black Lives Matters supporters are still enslaving or being enslaved TODAY.


Slavery is still rampant in many parts of the non-Western world, especially Africa. Slavery in Mauritania was only officially abolished in 1981 but many are still enslaved – mostly by Arabs.

Will Black Lives Matter UK be organising mass protests about the plight of slaves in Africa today?

No, because Cultural Marxist brainwashing has told them only white people are to blame for all the worlds problems.

A Small Part of a Big Agenda

In the US, Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros. Their leader, DeRay Mckesson, lives in a house owned by a board member of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Why is a globalist billionaire so concerned about the deaths of blacks by police?

George Soros is openly hostile to the idea of nation states and has complained of national borders being a hindrance. As such he gives financial support to many far-Left movements, such as Black Lives Matter, who pit black against white in the hope furthering the cancer of white guilt and anti-nationalist sentiment.

This is how the globalist elite use minorities as a tool to further their agenda. They know that nationalism will favour strong borders. And they also know minorities will almost always vote for bigger government. Tony Blair had the same idea.

Big government gives the political elite big opportunities to make big cash. Black Lives Matter is not a ‘grass-roots’ movement. It is a tool for globalists to make more money at the expense of the ordinary citizen, black or white.



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