What are Dubai Porta Potties?

For those yet unplugged, or recently unplugged, the tale of Dubai Porta Potties may be a disturbing read. But it is necessary to illuminate just how far Western women, and by extension – Western society – has fallen.

The website, Tag The Sponsor, reveals the hidden secret behind the new generation of Instagram models who, for frivolous short-term material gain, are willing to ruin the rest of their lives.

These “models” get their designer clothes, exuberant shopping sprees, flashy cars and money in the bank. They get to put “London/Dubai” in their Instagram profile and have their pictures taken in stunning locales. All they have to do is get defecated on by groups of Arab men.

For thousands of dollars, these women are flown out to the Gulf, party, shop and then get fucked in the most humiliating fashion by their sponsors – wealthy groups of Arab Princes, Royalty and businessmen.

These acts may include coprophilia, urolagnia, bestiality and pedophilia. No reports of necrophilia yet, but I’m sure that will come in time.



As one former woman describes it:

These guys are so rich, hate their wives and bored with life they are willing to pay anything for their crazy sex fetishes and I was crazy enough to expect the money. I’ve had to be gangbanged and bukkaked by over 20 Saudi royalty at once (made 40K) in two days so it was worth it.

I’ve literally been pissed on and sh*tted on so many times I just don’t understand why they like it (after the 3rd time you get sh*t on you get use to it). I’ve had to have sex with a male German Shepard dog in front of them,

I’ve had to stick numerous objects in my ass and their ass*s as well,

I’ve got paid to eat sh*t, I’ve got paid to get beat up,

I even had to stick a live Salmon in some 65 year olds man ass…

I’ve had sex with their 14 year old boys to make them men, I’ve drank cups of c*m and have smeared my face with their sh*t. So to all you ladies that are going to bash me.

I’m 24 years old and have 1 million dollars liquid in my bank account. I’m now retired and can have normal sex with whomever I want.

The depressing thing is that she believes she can now return to a normal life, with normal sex.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that after you’ve had groups of men squirt diarrhea on your face, having normal sex might be a more complicated affair.

Perhaps her parent(s) should have explained to her that having sex with children, dogs, fish and frozen poopsicles for money will lead to long-term mental disorders.

It’s completely lost on her that a high-value, desirable man with even an ounce of self respect will not touch her with a ten foot pole wrapped in a condom. Her future will consist of ploughing through a line of Instragram orbiters, ready to feast them themselves on (literal) sloppy seconds.

Can you imagine getting into bed with this woman, holding her in your arms? Having her tuck in your children and kiss them goodnight? The kids would probably get pink eye.

One million dollars isn’t even a large amount of money. Certainly not enough to lose your humanity over. Not enough to become a husk of what was once a human being, so you can have a few years of a lavish lifestyle.


Of course the blame for this lies firmly at the feet of feminism.

As Donovan Sharpe points out, this would be unlikely to happen even 15-20 years ago.

But “slut-shaming” or – society’s way of informing women what type of behaviour is beneficial for said society –  has been continuously undermined for decades.

We have now reached the point where after years of feminists making excuses for degenerate behaviour, all in the name of empowering women, they are free to be used as human toilets for money. Real progress.

Again, with all manifestations of Leftism, society is the loser.

The ever smaller group of traditional, masculine men will find it harder and harder to settle down and raise a strong family as more and more women engage in more and more depraved behaviour.

The feminised, pedestal-prostrating masses will shack up with these sluts, have a few kids, then get divorced raped.

A new generation of children raised by single mothers who spent their formative years being shat upon, without the guiding hand of strong father, will grow up as either weak men or strumpets in their own right.

The circle of life.


And what of these Arab men? Do you they treat their Muslim women the same way they treat Western women? Does this insight into their depraved culture have anything to do with the wave of mass rape sweeping over Europe? Or of the rape gangs in England who only targeted white women and girls? Questions to ponder for another day.

The key thing to get out of this, other than the contents of your stomach, is that just because a woman is beautiful does not mean she is desirable. A woman should never be given respect or deference just because she won the genetic lottery.

There are good women out there, you’ll just have to look a lot harder to find them.





41 thoughts on “What are Dubai Porta Potties?

  1. Really loved the detail about the instagram model that no guys would want to touch “with a ten foot pole” after that. It’s great how at the end of 2016 we still shame women for exercising their own free will. Yay misogyny. Whoever wrote this really doesn’t get it


    • “It’s the Current Year and women are being paid to be shat on, if you’re not cool with that you’re a misogynist”. Did you ever consider that men who love women don’t like to hear of them fucking dogs and eating diarrhea?

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    • You are either a troll or so brainwashed by the liberal media to be fine with culture breakdown down, immorality, and objectification disguised as feminism. You poor puppet… You are playing into the puppet masters trap and to blind to see it. Who do you think makes you think like this? You didn’t grow up as a child thinking it was OK for people to eat feces for profit. I’m sure if you have a child of your own it would break your heart to have them do the things of this young lady has done in the name of money and trinkets. These expensive toys are then shown off on social media to make the girl look important and like she lives the good life with friends in high places. She shows off because she’s insecure and wants peoples admiration or validation. So, obviously her mental state wasn’t too good to begin with and I’m sure she’s on the brink of insanity when she gets back home and thinks about what she’s done. People like you encouraging her to empower herself to make horrible decisions contribute to the breakdown and misery of this lady and thousands like her. You think you are being open minded and tolerant but you indirectly contribute to her objectivity which very un-feminist of you.


    • They might exercise their own will, but men also. If someone doesn’t want to be treated like a whore, there’s an easy way to get that: don’t behave like so.


    • If you’re not willing to date a woman who eats shit and fucks dogs and kids for money you are a mysogynist. This is why so few people, even women, identify as feminists anymore.


  2. tbh mate, wake up, you think these things werent happening 15 to 20 years ago ? This shit is going down since beginning of human civilization, not to defend these bitches, but it has nothing to do with everything being better in the good ol days, it just wasnt visible and kept private. Now it is exposed on the internet.

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  3. You might want to look up ritual abuse, Bohemian Grove abuse or just the movie Salo if you think this is a new phenomena.

    As for these girls, while I find the acts repugnant and this focus on materialism and money depraved, I think you have misunderstood feminism and are hard on these girls. One might argue they too are victims. Personally I dislike referring to any female – despite her choices in life, be it her attire (or lack of), her sexual lifestyle, promiscuity etc – as sluts. Let’s just call this very disturbing and stupid and certainly a symptom of the culture we now live in. It’s no worse than muslim girls including those with their headscarves who think practicing anal sex or oral sex still enders them virgins. Hey the hymen is intact, right? I don’t subscribe to society discriminating against women just because they are women. The men involved in this are every bit as disgusting if not more for thinking they can buy people. These “men” need help. They act all pious and moral yet this is their true selves. The arabqwkrl is depraved beyond anything. There is a reason you see them import this depravity to the west. Look up the Iraqi asylum seeker who taped a small boy jn Austria ot the Syrian refugees who raped a western woman twice. The more money the more depravity.

    In conclusion we live in a f***** up world. All we can do is try to raise our kids right and teach them to respect themselves and not be slave to money or people.

    I second your comments on the abuse of western women and the utter betrayal of the liberals and the left wing.

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    • “One might argue they too are victims” ….”I think you have misunderstood feminism”
      So you are arguing that these girls are victims even after opting to be treated like this on their own which is your definition of feminism. So these girls are victims because they are more feminist than other girls who are not getting shat upon!!! You are exactly the kind of “confused” and “ignorant” person these girls probably have from a parent.

      I should add here that “you actually have misunderstood the issue here”. This article is not about the detail of perverted sex acts in today’s world but about which section of society or rather which section of women from society is exposed to such a thing. The girls involved in this thing are (1.) from part of society which is more educated and resourceful than others (2.) since these girls are getting famous on Instagram they in turn influence( the girls from) the same sections of society and maybe more.

      The reason you “dislike referring to a woman as a slut” despite her being shat upon for money(which is the definition of a slut) is probably that you don’t have a good woman in your life and are dating some sluts( unless ofc if u r one).


  4. i don’t see what’s exactly wrong with that, everyone has some sexual preferences, some more mild than others, but it’s something we all have. there is nothing wrong with having prostitution as a career choice, a way of life. i believe everyone should do what they want. if these women get paid enough for their troubles and time then why not?
    i’m going to be honest here, if i was a woman i would be the biggest whore on earth.

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  5. The writer is a nattering boob with a stick up his ass. Looking down his ugly hairy nostrils at everything he finds distasteful. And very little of what he conjectures even makes sense. How would he or anyone know if the person he is sleeping with had been a Dubai Porta-potty at one time? How can he claim there will be sexual problems later? Does he have proof? Could it occur to him that not everyone’s mind is throttled and sterilized? No, because the rigors of privilege encased thick blinders around him at puberty, allowing for any clarity to flow in only one direction… forever.

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    • “Does he have proof?” …Do you even know what you are asking for? I am sure you don’t because you don’t seem educated enough in mathematics or statistics to know what “proof” are you looking for of “developing psychological issues long after Dubai porta potties”. So let me help you with what exactly are you asking for.

      The “proof” would require performing a psychological evaluation of at least 30 women (that the minimum sample size for statistical significance of any conclusion) before and after 10 years of being part of Dubai porta potties and then try to reject the null hypothesis of “no psychological issues”. Do you expect the author to know more than 30 girls before they were to go to Dubai porta potties for the first time and perform this kind of a psychological evaluation on them to furnish you “PROOF”(who doesn’t even know what a “proof” would look like?).


  6. You’re a special sort of dumbfuck if you think this kind of behavior is new. The only thing that is new about degenerate sex acts is that the woman gets paid and gets to choose instead of being forced to do it against her will.

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  7. 1 million dollars may not be super wealth but it is enough to retire from a life of either unemployment or wage slaving a cubicle job you hate. As a man once more it’s impossible to escape this rat race. Girls have so many options. I’d eat horse shit for a million dollars but nobody will pay me for that.

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  8. Honestly, I am more disgusted by your point of than what these girls are doing. I understand that feminism has been capitalized but please don’t disrespect all the women who have fought for a cause you don’t even understand. Feminism is about equality and freedom of choice, and you are not in any position to judge anybody’s choices just because you read a statement. No one should be judged or frowned upon for their sexual past. These are all western women, because western women have a choice. Do you really think that eastern women are better off, when in most eastern countries women are considered objects for men to use, abuse and dispose of whenever they please? Take a look around you, these women have chosen this, and 1 million dollars may not be an exorbitant amount of money, but it is way more than what most people have in their bank account. We live in a really f*cked up world, but to me choices are all we have, so before you point your misogynistic finger at women just take a look in the mirror, who are you to judge somebody else’s choice?


  9. I don’t want someone so hardcore around me or my kids. To see this through the prism of judging someone as being judgmental and to try to take them to task for it is sociopathic. You do you far, far away from me but, obviously these people are not fit for any kind of life that isn’t completely at their whim. That’s not someone that would would want in their life. Sure, it’d be fun to beat the brakes off of one or several of these women but thats it. Do you really think that you can make love to someone who has been sociopathically training themselves for sexual detachment for their entire adult lives ? To view his through the prism of “judging these people is wring” sure, there a point there. the point is that everyone has equal agency and privilidged immunity from “judgment” here including those who plainly recognize a drama and problem machine when they see one ? Judge all you like.


  10. This piece is extremely problematic. How do you imply that not every woman deserves respect just cos they’re a woman? You are either a man (no surprises there cos yall will do anything and say everything to tear down a woman who’s in control of her own body) or a miserable woman who can’t fathom why men actually want to be with women who have been around. Terrible train of thought.


  11. Dumb girls will read that and believe it.

    When they get to Dubai, why would an Arab pay then $1 Million instead of putting them in a cage?


  12. The Arab royalty you see in the Gulf states are Jewish by religion and its common knowledge that they practice this behavior in every country. In Western nation you find Jews control the porn industry in Israel they have sex slavery. You are only shocked because you thought they were Muslim, a believer is by his action and and when you label them as Jews it all starts to make sense


  13. omg i cant belive people are judging independent women just for getting that paper! you go girls and dnt lisen to the haters!!


  14. bahahah, reading the comments of idiots who approve this kind of shit, just proves that western civilization is going down
    sorry to tell you the truth but you lack any dignity and self-respect if you approve such sick activities


  15. What kind of head trauma do you need to have to defend this behaviour? What are you even arguing? You just ignore the fact that these women are pedophiles raping kids (and no, you mouth breathing walking garbage fires, children cannot consent. No it doesn’t matter that their mom or dad is ok with it.) and abusing animals. Meanwhile, they’re turning into a walking communicable zoonotic disease from their lastest farm orgy or god knows what after she consumes someone’s parasite seasoned shit sandwich. What really matters here is some lady got paid and how dare the world get on her case for being a complete human degenerate criminal… Wtf?


  16. Whoever defends this kind of behaviour, and women’s freedom of choice, you need a psychiatrist, guys. Or better, try to find God. He has so much patience even with people like this..

    There has to be a war against feminism and leftism, you are driving the society in its worst moral state. Nothing can justify being shit in one’ mouth, getting pierced by animals and getting into sexual activities with underage. What would your moms, grandmas, think about you girls, the ones who defend a woman’s choice to behave like this? What would you think about your children doing these things? Do you think you can ever be the same person (?) again? Without remorse, without shame? No, cause you have reached the worst level of self degradation. No money, travelling and designer bags can ever wash that scum you are forced to live with the rest of your life.


  17. Dude. You are doing a good Job. Dont less this degenerates try to shame you. Anyone who defends these acts deserve to feast and dine with satan himself. How can having sex with children and eating feaces for the sake of cash ever be justified? Western society is is becoming a decomposing corpse and the stench is spreading fast.. These people are sick in the head.. and its a million times much worse than terminal brain cancer.


  18. Who cares? We are not going to marry these wastes of thousands of dicks. Definitely not going to marry wastes of thousands of camel and goatfucker dicks eating humus bukkake lmao.


  19. This is not a result of “feminism,” idiot. It’s a result of capitalism. If everything is nothing more than a commodity, a cog in the machine, then why not do this if it doesn’t disgust you? Everything is a competitive, dog-eat-dog fat race, right? Why not do whatever it takes to get ahead?

    How many countless lives has the West squandered in pursuit of wealth? Every intervention done in the Middle East and elsewhere is done to preserve and grow the wealth of the 1%.

    Now that’s truly disgusting.


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  21. The resonating thought i have about all of this is how these women probably stink. All sorts of STDs and ecoli in their wombs. All in the name of money. Degenerate is too kind a word for this sort of nastiness. The sad thing is more and more men expect women to be to be willing to do any and everything. There is such a lack of respect and anything goes mentality that when you as a normal woman choose to uphold standards and stick to a normal life with normal expectations you’re seen as stuck up and as a prude. Welp, I’ll remain a prude with my shit free mouth and vagina thank you.


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