Rapper Lunar Cobain Threatens To Rape Nigel Farage’s Daughter

A Bradford rapper, Lunar C (real name Jake Brook) has threatened to gang rape one of Nigel Farage’s daughters. His daughters are 9 and 15 years old.

Lunar Cobain’s tweet, posted on the day Jo Cox was killed, threatens to ‘run a train’ with a group of migrants on one of Nigel Farage’s underage daughters.


Urban Dictionary defines ‘run a train’ as:

“gettin a dumbass hoodrat that loves cock and just pass her around the homies like she’s a blunt”

This comes as the ex-Remainers and mainstream media are attempting to weave a narrative of a Britain swept up by a wave of racist attacks caused by the UK regaining its sovereignty.

They have turned up the dial on victimhood to increased levels, in an attempt to shame those who voted for independence.

Except, in typical fashion, they ignore the vitriolic bile coming from the Left post-Brexit. Hate only goes one way for them. From right to left, not the other way around.

In just the past few days we’ve had racism against whites, a child holding a sign calling Farage a ‘festering cunt’ and a call for the genocide of ‘right-wing Blairite scum’, among others.


More tellingly, a politician was killed in the streets two weeks ago. Another politician, this time a leader of a party, is receiving a large amounts of death threats. His daughters have been threatened with gang rape. Surely this should be a top story on the BBC, The Guardian and The Independent?

The leftist media is flapping around wondering why their readership is tanking, why they’re forced to lay off staff and they’ve had to resort to e-begging.

It’s because the average reader is sick of your lies, narrative spinning, preaching and ideological dogmatism. May your slow death rattle continue.

Lunar Cobain has since deleted the tweet above. He also issued a statement to Breitbart with an apology. He also tweeted an apology, but this has since been deleted.

It should be noted that despite his tweets threatening child rape, Lunar Cobain is still verified by Twitter. He should thank his lucky stars he’s not a conservative, because that would definitely warrant deverification.


5 thoughts on “Rapper Lunar Cobain Threatens To Rape Nigel Farage’s Daughter

  1. So let’s report him for hate speech. Gang rape and ‘grooming’ is a serious issue for white women in the West, we should start taking a stand.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Offensive in the extreme. This loser is looking to increase his profile but being ‘controversial’. All he’s doing is confirming what we already know – that he is a a Grade-A prat.


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