Why Britain Voted Leave

The polls leading up to Thursday’s referendum were neck in neck. On the day, a You-Gov poll showed a decisive Remain victory. By the time the count started, Remain had begun to celebrate and Leave was already conceding defeat.

But as soon as results began to pour in it was clear that the support for Brexit was stronger than anyone expected.

At 51.9% to 48.1% Leave won the day. Why, against all odds, did Brexit prevail?

The Rise of the Working Class

Leave had support from across political spectrum, but perhaps the most decisive defeat was inflicted by the working classes in the Labour ‘heartlands’ (or ex-heartlands).

Working class people are the hardest hit by unlimited migration which leads to deflated wages and the destruction of social cohesion, green taxes which hurt manufacturing and endless regulation stifling opportunities for small businesses.

Despite Labour and Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to push their base to Remain, working class industrial cities leaned heavily towards Leave.

Even in Jox Cox’s constituency, despite attempts to hijack her death for the Remain cause, the people voted to Leave.

What was previously obvious to any observer with at least several brain cells – Labour no longer represents the working class – but instead the trendy, virtue-signalling, middle-class, champagne-socialist bourgeoisie. The irony is that if there was indeed a real revolt of the proletariat, these people would be the first to the gulag.

Unless it undergoes some serious internal change, the Labour Party is finished.

Especially when Labour mouthpieces are acting like this:

Distrust of the Establishment

Big, important people told us to not to Leave. They warned us. They threatened us.

Almost every single agency of the international Establishment was deployed to thwart them – the CBI, IMF, Bank of England, OECD, big business, Goldman Sachs, all but one party leader, the World Bank, Presidents Obama, Hollande and Abe, the EU Commission, two-thirds of the cabinet, the Treasury, The Guardian, Davos, The Times, and so on – yet over 17.4 million people told them precisely what they could do with their expert opinion. – Andrew Roberts, The Telegraph

Even now the BBC, The Guardian and other leftist establishment news outlets are scurrying like rats, attempting to explain why they got it wrong – and they’re still wrong.

They’re still pushing the narrative that Leave voters were misinformed, too stupid to take advice from the experts or were swept up by a torrent of far-right rage.

But the answer is much more simple than that. How many of the above organisations or individuals hold the idea of liberty for the British people in their heart?

The bigger the state, the more the political and globalist establishment can exploit it for their own gains. And the EU is as big as they come.

The people have told the unelected elite in Brussels the truth – you do not represent us.

Young People Didn’t Vote

Turnout for the Age 18-24 demographic, which voted overwhelming for Remain, was less than 36%.

It could be that young people were too lazy to go out and vote, instead thinking Remain would easily win.

The more likely answer is that young people did not vote because they felt they did not have enough knowledge or life experience to make such a decision. Instead they deferred judgement to the older generations who voted to Leave.

But we are now witnessing a small, loud, collective victimhood being played out on social media. Because it’s cool and edgy to say “fuck old people”.

Rejection of Bullying and Fear Mongering

It’s been a long time coming. The establishment’s tactic of calling anyone who disagrees with them bigoted racists has finally been thwarted.

Even perennial SJW Jeremy Corbyn has finally realised it:


In the days leading up to the referendum, this tactic was abused as a last ditch effort.

“Fifty percent of the British people are racist xenophobes. You don’t want to be one of them, do you?”

But in the privacy of the polling booth there are no loudmouth bullies screaming ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ in your face. These people may control the print, the airwaves and social media. But they do not control your mind.

Since the verbal bullying didn’t work, they’ve now resorted to actual violence.

Today, US reporter Lauren Southern and her cameraman were physically assaulted by ironic ‘anti-fascists’ at a rally in London.


On a personal note, I deleted my own Facebook account in the wake of Brexit.

Even in victory, Brexiters had to remain silent so as not to attract vitriolic bile from those ashamed of democracy and nationhood.

I’ve long been an advocate of men, especially young men, to stay away from the hyper-SJW Facebook, where smug virtue signalling, clickbait appeals to emotion and censorship of non-conformist speech reigns supreme.

In fact, the only reason I kept my account open was for business purposes. But no more. I’ll adapt. Just like Britain. I’ve left that echo chamber and stepped out into the fresh, free, British air.

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