How To Use a Tragic Killing For Political Gain

On Thursday, British Labour MP Jo Cox was brutally attacked in her constituency of Birstall, West Yorkshire. Tragically, she later died in hospital.

Despite calls on both sides to respect her memory and not politicise her death, these pleas were immediately ignored as Remain campaigners and the establishment saw an opportunity.

Here’s a step by step guide on how they are using her death to further their political agenda:


1. Allege Jo Cox was killed by a ‘Far Right’ Terrorist

Within hours of the attack, the media reported that the alleged attacker, Thomas Mair shouted “Britain First” as he attacked Jo Cox.


The media originally reported the claim came from a local business owner, but he has since stated he was not at the scene and has put up the sign below in his shop window.

Multiple other witnesses report never hearing “Britain First”. The witness making the claim has been identified as a member or ex-member of the BNP, a rival organisation.


Thomas Mair’s half-brother is of mixed race, and has said they “got on well”.

People who knew him described him a quiet, apolitical man who helped locals with chores.

The police allegedly found Nazi memorabilia in his home.

The totally non-ideological driven SPLC has produced receipts alleging he purchased manuals on gun and explosive making from the now-defunct U.S. based National Alliance.




The media is also alleging a link between Mair and the Springbok Club, a South African organisation which describes itself as being “pro-free market capitalism and patriotism and anti-political correctness”.

He is alleged to have had a history of mental health issues which required medication.

He purportedly asked for mental health treatment the day before the day before the attack.

The court will decide if Thomas Mair is guilty of any crime.

2. Link ‘Far Right’ Terrorism to Brexit

As soon as news of the attack broke, the establishment shills were out in full force attempting to link the tragedy to the Brexit campaign.

brexit 3brexit1brexit2.JPG

UKIP, a libertarian pro-democracy and pro-freedom party is routinely described as ‘far-right’. Four million voters are neo-Nazis and Nigel Farage is literally Hitler. This is line Remainers and the establishment have been pushing.

Editorials in The Spectator and The Guardian attacked the campaign for British independence:

But, still. Look. When you encourage rage you cannot then feign surprise when people become enraged. You cannot turn around and say, ‘Mate, you weren’t supposed to take it so seriously. It’s just a game, just a ploy, a strategy for winning votes.’ – Alex Massie

But there are others whose recklessness has been open and shocking. I believe they bear responsibility, not for the attack itself, but for the current mood: for the inflammatory language, for the finger-jabbing, the dogwhistling and the overt racism. – Polly Toynbee

The justifiable anger of the British people at the establishment who have sold out their interests to the globalist EU is somehow similar to 1930s Germany. These people have no concept of history or reality.

The fact that that Vote Leave, UKIP, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove unequivocally condemn violence seems completely irrelevant.But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of the narrative.

Roughly half of Britons support Brexit. They come from across the political spectrum; from all races and religions. And the establishment wonders why Remain is faltering when they have arrogance to suggest campaigning for British independence leads to ‘far right’ extremism.

An upcoming article will explore the term ‘far right’ to determine exactly what it means – or what we’re told it means.


3. Silence All Debate

Both Vote Leave and Remain suspended their campaigns out of respect for Jo Cox.

But it didn’t take long for the establishment to use the killing to attempt to silence debate around the key issues.

They can’t win on facts, so they resort to challenging the rhetoric or tone.

Passionate campaigning for Brexit, using important issues such as immigration, is despicable, dangerous and should be stopped – or so we are told.

A petition to cancel the referendum is already under way.

Our resident cuck, Owen Jones, weighed in on the charged atmosphere:


The irony here is that mass migration and multiculturalism, which Owen has been peddling his whole life, has long been known to destroy social cohesion and lead to conflict.

Alastair Campbell, adviser to the worst Prime Minister in living memory, hopes the killing of Jo Cox will halt the ‘downward spiral in our political culture’ (i.e. people who disagree with him gaining their voices):


Even Alastair can’t heed his own advice, because just several hours he accused the Brexit campaign of ‘fuelling anger and hate’:


Yes Alastair, when people are told the truth about what you and your ilk have done to Britain, people get angry. And they’ll show that anger at the ballot box, not by killing people.

Angela Merkel, who ordered the arrest of a man who made a joke, knows a thing or two about silencing dissent:

The exaggerations and radicalisation of part of the language do not help to foster an atmosphere of respect – Angela Merkel, in response to the killing of Jo Cox

Again Polly Toynbee, who seems to have completely jettisoned herself from reality, accuses Brexit leaders of xenophobia:

This campaign has stirred up anti-migrant sentiment that used to be confined to outbursts from the far fringes of British politics. The justice minister, Michael Gove, and the leader of the house, Chris Grayling – together with former London mayor Boris Johnson – have allied themselves to divisive anti-foreigner sentiment ramped up to a level unprecedented in our lifetime. – Polly Toynbee

Denouncing those against immigration as racist has long been a tool of the left. But 77% of British people want reduced levels of immigration and Brexit represents a democratic way to achieve this.

As long as the establishment ignores the will of the British people in favour of their globalist agenda, people we will be ready to campaign tirelessly and passionately, no matter how emboldened the effort becomes to silence us.


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