Owen Jones and the Orlando Shooting

Only last week I wrote about how Owen Jones’ cuck mindset informs his suicidal ideological position.

In the wake of the Orlando Shooting, he appeared on Sky News with Julia Hartley-Brewer and host Mark Longhurst.

So why did his cuck mindset cause him to storm off midway through the show?

At multiple points he strains to call the shooting a “homophobic terrorist attack” to deflect attention away the fact that the shooter was acting in the name of Allah.

The same way the attack on the Bataclan was melophobic terrorist attack. And Charlie Hebdo was a kyrofelonoshophobic terrorist attack.

Instead by repeatedly mentioning “homophobic attack” he makes a veiled attempt to draw a connection between conservatives and mass murder. He even claims conservatives are not allowed to “appropriate” outrage over the attack; I can only assume because conservatives are homophobic.

Here’s the difference Owen, because you can’t seem understand it. “Homophobic” Westerners don’t commit mass murder of gays. Refusing to bake a cake which supports gay marriage is not the same as gunning down 49 people with an assault rifle.

He’s [Omar Mateen] got a twisted view of Islamic Fundamentalism – Owen Jones

Islamic countries kill gay people as a matter of law. They do not “twist” the fundamentals of their religion. Killing gays is fundamental to their religion. Muslims who migrate to the West want to establish these laws here. They openly admit it when asked.

Here are some reactions from the Religion of Peace on Twitter:


When Owen, like most leftists, fails to express outrage at this and instead campaigns for state sponsored mass migration, he is signing his own death warrant.

But sure, conservatives are the real bad guys. We might want to prevent mass murders of Westerners regardless of their colour, creed or sexual orientation – but we’re still bigoted psychopaths who believe someone shouldn’t have to bake a cake if they don’t want to.

Instead of reflecting on his folly, he throws a tantrum, gets scolded by Hartley-Brewer, and sulks in silence for the next 5 minutes. He then has another pathetic attempt at a whinge, gets called out for his childishness and storms off. Cuck.

Owen, I’m sure you’ll be calling for “solidarity” over the next few days. Which means “do nothing”. Just continue on the path to suicide with your fingers in your ears and eyes closed. Perhaps they won’t even have to push you off the building.

UPDATE: The shooter has since been revealed as a registered Democrat and gay. Owen’s levels of confusion and cognitive dissonance will surely reach new heights.




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