If You Love Europe, Vote Leave

For years Eurosceptics have been told that they are small-minded, bigoted, Little-Englanders.

We are all xenophobic racists who hate mainland Europeans.

If we are, we would vote Remain and hope the European Union continues its expansion.

We would celebrate our glorious super-state threatening to exclude democratically elected governments from its decision making.

We would shout with glee when certain EU countries open their borders to third world migrants, give them citizenship and then release them into the nations of Europe by the divine laws of free movement.


We would welcome Turkey into the EU with open arms; our Muslim brothers, with their love for European values and vast land border with the Islamic State.

We would give thanks to beloved Brussselian bureaucrats as they rape the people of Southern Europe with their noble monetary policy.

We would be grateful that the EU is only trade bloc in the world not experiencing economic growth.

We would be relieved that the will of the European people is ignored; their heritage sold out from under them to globalists, socialists and Cultural Marxists. The people of Europe do not deserve independence to manage their own affairs.

And we would definitely not Vote Leave, because we wouldn’t want the whole rotten thing to come crumbling down.





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