Eddie Izzard Embarrasses Him or Herself and the Remain Campaign

Eddie Izzard must be a Vote Leave plant. He has to be. How else could a deranged, rambling old socialist dressed as a woman be allowed to represent Remain on BBC Question Time?

As soon as he opened his mouth on the first question about immigration we knew we were about to watch a significant boost for Brexit.

Unfortunately for Izzard and Remain, a bumbling steam-of-consciousness style, similar to his comedy routine, sprinkled with a few misrepresented facts and sad attempts at humour, does not fare well in a serious political debate.

The referendum is a serious issue for the British people. You need to be direct and concise. Eddie came across as a lunatic. I use “came across” in the weakest possible sense.

None so more as when he believed he was dropping a tactical nuke on Farage by suggesting that because his ancestors were immigrants; Farage by default has to be in favour of uncontrolled immigration. It went down like a wet fart.

Naturally Farage batted away the absurd argument, but Izzard kept making it. It got so embarrassing that the members of the audience, perhaps trying to put Izzard out of his misery, audibly groaned and at one point yelled at him to “SHUT UP!”.



Let’s take a look at some highlights from one of the 21st Century’s most celebrated political thinkers:

I didn’t say join the Euro

Yes you did. Either you don’t remember what positions you’ve held in the past, in which case your mental faculties have deteriorated even further than initially thought, or you’re a liar.

That’s why I’m transgender

Fantastic reason to Vote Remain. Because the EU gave you a mental illness.

Peanuts! Peanuts!

Billions of pounds of taxpayers money is simply a salty snack to Eddie Izzard.

There’s no future except getting smaller in the [sic] little Englander

Insulting around half the electorate as small-minded, bigoted, isolationists is definitely a smooth move. The Remain campaign have been doing it for months now.

But the above comment did lead to the most memorable exchange of the night. A based elderly lady took exception to his little Englander remark, stood up and gave him a savage verbal beating.

His face says it all:


This morning Vote Leave is surging in the polls. Bravo Xr. Izzard.



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