Why British Men Should Vote Leave

The referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU will be held on the 23rd June. This will be the most important vote in our lifetime. Not only does the fate of the UK hinge on this referendum, but the fate of an entire continent.

Below are a few of the many reasons why British men should vote for Brexit.


The EU Hurts Small Business


As a redpilled man, one of your life goals will likely be to have your own independent income stream to maximise control over your life. For most, this will involve setting up a small business.

In the name of harmonisation the EU has produced mountains of regulation strangling small businesses by adding unnecessary costs and giving larger businesses a competitive advantage.

The EU economy as a whole has been stagnant for years now, with little sign of improvement. The UK should leave this sinking ship to boost our economy and provide more opportunity for your small business to grow.




The EU is Run by Leftists


Despite posing an institution for economic prosperity, the EU is more like the USSR. The huge centralised bureaucracy has political and social goals, not simply economic ones.

Most of these faceless, mindless bureaucrats are members of the left-wing political class determined to push their Marxists ideologies of feminism, multiculturalism and egalitarianism. And they have the backing of a massive state to help them achieve this.

To remain in the EU is to subject ourselves to ever far-reaching gender quotas which disadvantage men and businesses alike, anti-discrimination laws which disrupt freedom of contract and association, and an incremental drive to abolish masculinity.




We Have a Responsibility to our Forefathers


Britain was not made quickly. Nor easily. Nor bloodlessly. For centuries our forefathers fought, toiled, struggled, invented and innovated. They lead the way in establishing democracy in Europe. They were the leaders of the Enlightenment. They kickstarted the Industrial Revolution. And they fought for our independence in many wars.

Now, by law, our parliament is subservient to the EU. We are a slave state, with no say and no recourse, other than to Vote Leave.

We have no control over our borders. Even if we plugged the massive holes in our borders from international migration, it wouldn’t matter. The EU wants migration. They want native Europeans to die out in the name of diversity.



If Germany gives 5 million third world migrants citizenship, they have a legal right to come to the UK. Thanks to EU free movement laws, the British people through an elected parliament have no means to stop them. These migrants have no understanding of Britain of our forefathers sacrifices. And they also have much higher birth rates than the native British. Look at Germany or Sweden for a glimpse into a future inside the EU.

If Britain is no longer made up of British people, it is no longer Britain.


As British men it is our responsibility to take our country back. Vote Leave.




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