Owen Jones is a Literal Cuck

Owen Jones is socialist commentator for various publications including The Guardian and New Statesman. You may have seen him on Question Time and other current affairs programmes.

He will often cry loudly about being a staunch defender of the British working class, while at the same time being in favour of mass immigration.

He is an atheist but also a huge admirer of Islam.

He has written about wanting to leave the EU, but recently changed his mind to agree with Big Business, banks, and the political establishment.

How can someone claim to be a champion of ordinary British people, but at the same time hold views which are demonstrably detrimental to those same people?

Here is an excerpt from his 2012 book, Chavs:


Owen Jones is literal cuck, not only a metaphorical one. He takes pleasure in foreign invaders entering his home and ravishing his woman.

Owen, stop treating the British people the way you treated your woman.

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