Racism is a Social Construct

There are those in the far-left extremist media who are pushing the idea that racism is objectively real.

The idea was originally started by a group of fringe academics to push their hateful ideology (who are now completely discredited by all right-minded people).

But the establishment have latched on to the idea and now propagandising the concept of racism being real to the unsuspecting masses.

The truth is, racism is not objectively real, it is a social construct.

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Game Cheat Sheet

I’ve compiled a game cheat sheet for those seeking simple tips to be more masculine when interacting with the opposite sex. Internalise the underlying ideas and they’ll come to you naturally.

You should also be implementing the concepts below in daily life and non-romantic interactions.

The tips below are generally universal, but won’t work if you’re morbidly obese or have the appearance of a homeless person. Start lifting, grooming yourself properly and dressing appropriately.

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atheist guide christianity

An Atheist’s Guide to Christian Tradition

I do not believe in God and have not for as long as I can remember.

Despite going to religious schools, which involved prayers every morning, hymns multiple times per week, I never truly believed.

When I was in my teens I was convinced (as are many fedora-tipping redditors) that religion was the main source of conflict in the world and if we can only spread atheism the world would be a better place.

As such I routinely attacked Christianity. But I also was not afraid to attack Islam and Judaism, as many self-identified atheists are today.

But I no longer call myself an atheist.

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